Tatum Core Crew

Samantha Johnson​: Founder & CEO

Samantha is the founder of Tatum Robotics. After years studying engineering and assistive technology, Samantha knew she wanted to continue working to aid the disabled community. Now she leads business efforts and develops R&D goals.

Todd Johnson: Software Architect

As Tatum’s software architect, Todd puts to use over 30 years of experience in industry to ensure Tatum is easy-to-use for all our users. Prioritizing advances in machine learning, Todd is making sure that each user will have a tailored experience to their signing preferences.

Nicole Rich: Linguist

Nicole is the team’s linguist. While studying English, ASL, and Linguistics, she explored her curiosity for all things related to language and its diversity. Nicole joins Tatum to investigate the morphosyntax of ASL.

Tatum DeafBlind Core Crew

Lisa Chiango: Outreach Coordinator

Lisa Chiango,has been working with DeafBlind individuals for the past 20 years, currently the President of the Deaf-Blind Contact Center (DBCC). With Tatum Robotics, she provides feedback and contributes to research efforts as a subject for motion capture and linguistic analysis.

Casandra Xavier

As a member of the Deafblind community, Casandra brings a rich history of learning tactile ASL and understanding the culture among the community.

Winnie Tunison & Marianne Hajjar

Winnie and Marianne have worked with our team to help us understand how tactile ASL is used and how it differs from visual forms of ASL. Both DeafBlind residents of the NEHD, Winnie and Marianne are best friends hoping to help the team develop new technology!

Tatum Graduate Co-ops

Mohith Bhupalam

As a robotics co-op, Mohith will be working with collaborators at the University of Rome to develop a continuous gesture recognition software. Mohith is completing his master's degree in electrical and computer engineering.

Amey Kore

As a robotics co-op, Amey focuses on hardware integration and machine learning. Specifically, he is focusing on integrating motion capture to the device. Amey is completing his master's degree in electrical and computer engineering.

Jonathan Rooney

As a mechanical engineering co-op, Jonathan is helping to streamline CAD models and conduct FEA analysis. Jonathan is completing his master's degree in robotics.

Dnyan Urankar

Dnyan is an embedded engineering co-op, helping to integrate sensors to allow for increased capabilities and safety. Dnyan is completing his master's degree in electrical engineering.

Tatum Undergraduate Interns

Nick Belloli

Nick is a senior studying graphic design at Endicott College.

Lillie Bukzin

Lillie is a junior majoring in child studies and human development and minoring in film and media studies at Tufts University.

Sarah Gracia

Sarah is a third-year linguistics major with a minor in computer science and speech-language pathology at Northeastern University.

Magnolia Saalman

Magnolia is a freshman majoring in both Bioengineering and Biochemistry at Northeastern University.

Sophi Schneider

Sophi is a sophomore majoring in community health at Tufts University.

Julia Zelevinsky

Julia is a first-year studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at Tufts University.

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