Tatum Robotics

Advancing Accessibility with Robotics

Collaborative, Compliant Robotics For DeafBlind Communication

Supporting DeafBlind individuals with their first independent communication tool prioritizing their primary language, tactile sign. 

We Value Inclusion

Tatum employs and consults DeafBlind individuals, including local friends who contribute to community organizations

Local community members advise us about DeafBlind diversity, language variability, and all components of the Tatum system.

We are committed to ensuring that discoveries are ethical and promote the advancement of all.

Our Featured Partners


Note: All quotes transcribed from ASL

Coleen Mclaughlin

Winnie T.

“That’s so cool! I really liked the sign for thank you, that was great! I can’t wait until next time!”

Coleen Mclaughlin

John C.

“Really exciting, and super impressive. You guys have improved a lot since the last time, just wow.”

Coleen Mclaughlin

Marianne H.

“I’m shocked… this is awesome… I want to cry, not because I am sad, but because I am very happy!”

Coleen Mclaughlin

Jaimi L.

“I am really good at this! I can see myself using this robot, especially in my home!”

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