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From seasoned roboticists with decades of experience to young and creative minds shaping the future, our team is the heart and soul of Tatum Robotics. Get to know the faces behind the innovation, the minds shaping the future, and the team that’s propelling Tatum Robotics to the forefront of the accessibility revolution through robotics.

Tatum Core Crew

Samantha Johnson

Samantha is the Founder and CEO of Tatum Robotics. After years studying engineering and assistive technology, Samantha knew she wanted to continue working to aid the disabled community. Now she leads business efforts and develops R&D goals.

Todd Johnson

As Tatum’s Software Architect, Todd puts to use over 30 years of experience in industry to ensure Tatum is easy-to-use for all our users. Prioritizing advances in machine learning, Todd is making sure that each user will have a tailored experience to their signing preferences.

Nicole Rich

Nicole is Tatum's Lead Linguist. While studying English, ASL, and Linguistics, she explored her curiosity for all things related to language and its diversity. Nicole joins Tatum to investigate the morphosyntax of ASL.

Jonathan Markowitz

Jon is leading the team's hardware development. Bringing expertise in design and manufacturing, Jon is helping to take Tatum T1 from prototype to product!

Tatum DeafBlind Core Crew

Lisa Chiango

Lisa is our Outreach Coordinator. She has been working with DeafBlind individuals for the past 20 years and is currently the Vice President of the Deaf-Blind Contact Center (DBCC). She facilitates valuable partnerships by connecting Tatum Robotics to DeafBlind groups across the states.

Jaimi Lard

Jaimi is our Quality Assurance Tester. Born DeafBlind, she has been a spokesperson for many years about deafblindness and community needs. As a tactile communication expert, Jaimi contributes feedback on all aspects of robotic design to make the device truly DeafBlind friendly.

Winnie Tunison & Marianne Hajjar

Winnie and Marianne have worked with our team to help us understand how tactile ASL is used and how it differs from visual forms of ASL. Both DeafBlind residents of the NEHD, Winnie and Marianne are best friends hoping to help the team develop new technology!

Tatum Team

Sabeen Mustafa - Computer Vision Engineering Co-op

Michael Katz - Mechanical Engineering Co-op

Sriram Kodeeswaran - Embedded Systems Co-op

Tatum Interns

Jordan Cullen - Social Media

Madison Morgan - DeafBlind Researcher

Maggie Saalman - Linguistics Researcher

Julia Zelevinsky - Mechancial Engineer

Tatum Testimonials

Coleen Mclaughlin

Winnie T.

“That’s so cool! I really liked the sign for thank you, that was great! I can’t wait until next time!”

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Coleen Mclaughlin

John C.

“Really exciting, and super impressive. You guys have improved a lot since the last time, just wow.”

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Coleen Mclaughlin

Marianne H.

“I’m shocked… this is awesome… I want to cry, not because I am sad, but because I am very happy!”

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