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Deaf and DeafBlind Community

We are always looking for more perspectives as we move through logically parsing sign language. If you sign ASL, PSE, or SEE, or some variation, we would love to be able to get samples of your signing for our team to evaluate. Or, do you want to play with some robots? Come in and be part of a validation with our device as we continue our prototyping.


Similarly, we believe it is important to understand the difference between interpreting for the Deaf and DeafBlind. As a result, we are looking to get signing samples from interpreters to understand any differences in grammar or movement patterns in signing to teach our device.


We are always looking to build up our team and work with more talented engineers as we move through our problem-solving process. If you are an engineer passionate about assistive design, we would love to hear from you on what you like about our prototypes or on how to improve our design (hardware, integrated electronics, testing, etc).


As we have spoken to more and more people about deafblindness, the more we have found an absence of community knowledge. “I have never met a DeafBlind person” “You mean they can’t see OR hear?!” Help us spread knowledge about deafblindess and spread the word of those in the community.

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